Shield Security employees Mikey Beswick and Jason Dickson have won high praise from customers who have contacted the firm to praise them for ‘going the extra mile’.

We recieved thanks from officials at Bassetlaw Hospital as the pair sprag into action when a van was on fire outside A&E, with their prompt action said to have ‘prevented a possible major incident’.

Managing director Dave Frank said: “We always say that our service is not just guarding, but to become part of the team of those we serve, and that our job is always go the extra mile and tackle any situation as it arises if we can.

“In modern times it isn’t always the case that people have the time to go out of their way and send a thank you, so we certainly appreciated the feedback, and the recognition that our staff go beyond the call of duty.”

Whilst Mikey and Jason continue to hold up Shield’s excellent reputation, the company has said goodbye to a loyal and dedicated servant in long-serving officer Keith Stow, who is taking retirement.

Keith thanked Shield for an ‘enjoyable’ career and a job he said had proved ‘challenging and rewarding’.

Well done Keith. Thanks for your efforts and enjoy your retirement

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