James Moore, 42, Business Development Manager, Shield Security Services

My Working Day:

Like most people these days, my working day starts at home, before I leave for the office. I’ll check my emails and diary before setting off, making sure I’ve got everything I need for the appointments and meetings I have that day.

I always start the day with a “things to do list”. It keeps me focussed on the jobs in hand and I make sure check and update it regularly. It’s a daily process to check on any jobs we have been quoting for, and if there have been any customer call backs. I also conduct new business related and customer courtesy calls.

Being fully prepared for every appointment is a must for me. My day is structured around these meetings, and it is a priority to ensure I am fully briefed, prepared and able to deliver what our customers want from us, and to be able to answer their questions and meet their needs.

Like many others I’m sure, lunch is often enjoyed at my desk, browsing the Internet and catching up on emails again.

Another daily task is to study tender lists for current or forthcoming work to see if there any opportunities for Shield Security.

I always include making calls to existing clients on my ‘to do’ list each day, talking to them about their requirements and seeing how we can help them further. Many people in roles similar to mine simply chase new business, but I firmly believe that looking after our existing clients is the best approach for the firm.

At the end of each day I’ll process any orders or notices of quotation through to the correct departments and organise future appointments with clients. I always update my diary on an evening and ensure all outstanding e-mails are dealt with. If you leave one email until tomorrow, it becomes three or four before you know it.

Finally, I update my “things to do list” ready for the following day. Somehow, no matter how many things I have managed to cross off during the day, it always seems to have grown.

We must be doing something right though as my team has generated a £120,000 turnover of new business in the last month. It’s good to be busy.

Down Time:

I am a big rugby league fan of Hull FC, with a son called Harvey who plays fullback for Skirlaugh Bulls under 11s, so most off my down time involves rugby, either going to the KC Stadium or taking my son to games or training. I love it.

Vital Statistics

Marital Status: Single

Education: Wolfreton School, 1982-88

Home: I’m originally from the west side of the city but I’ve been living on the east side for the last seven years, in Troutsdale Grove.

Car: I can be seen driving around the city in a Shield Security branded van most days.

Book: I don’t get much time to read books.

Music: I like all kinds of music, from rock to house music

Film: Natural Born Killers

Gadget: Phone Sony Xperia (I’m always on it)

Last Holiday: Cyprus 2012

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