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Temporary CCTV

Temporary CCTV

Thanks to our rapid deployment CCTV cameras, Shield Security can have CCTV operational on any site within 24 hours, even when there is no electrical power available.

Our technical expertise and continuous investments in state of the art technology has seen us develop our very own mobile camera towers.

Mobile CCTV towers feed back footage over a 3G or 4G internet connection to our 24 hour control centre. Each tower includes motion detectors and a PA system to enable our response team to easily detect and deter intruders.

We offer our rapid deployment CCTV services across Northern England. Some of our customers have included:

Our mobile towers are the perfect solution for events, temporary and short-term hire. They are particularly useful on building sites as they can be moved as development progresses to ensure that key areas are always covered.

State-of-the-art Temporary CCTV systems operational on any site within 24 hours.

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