Other Services

In addition to our guarding, patrol, monitoring and alarm services we also offer:

Facilties Management Solutions

As well as security personnel, Shield Security also provides a range of facilities management service personnel including janitors, porters, administrators and cleaners on temporary and long term contracts. Please contact us on 01482 300833 to discuss your staffing requirements. 

Panic/Personal Attack Alarms

Panic alarms are designed to alert someone in an emergency situation, for example when a threat to life or property exists. Shield Security provide several different types of panic alarms including small portable devices and devices which are fitted into offices and other buildings. Panic alarms are an ideal solution for vulnerable people, lone workers and those working with high-value goods. Our panic alarms are monitored by our 24 hour control centre who will respond quickly to any activation.

Fire Extinguishers

Shield Security can provide your home or business with industry approved fire extinguishers. In addition, we also provide maintenance and servicing packages for new and existing equipment and replace any damaged equipment. It is essential to have appropriate fire prevention equipment in any premises to prevent the loss of property and life.

P.A.T. Testing

Our technical engineers are all trained to conduct Portable Appliance Testing. PAT inspections are processes of which routine safety checks are carried out on electrical equipment installed in businesses and residential properties.

Lone Worker Solutions

Our 24 hour control centre is able to monitor and protect your lone workers by setting up a safety call system. We are also able to provide security personnel to escort lone workers on, around and off site. Our locking and unlocking services are used by many customers to protect those who are first at work in the morning, and last to leave in the evening.


Shield Security provides industry-approved professional security personnel to supervise crowds, equipment, control traffic and more at events. Please see our guarding page for a comprehensive list of our events staff. We have experience with covering anything from weddings to festivals.

Secure Courier Service

Our patrolling services also include a secure courier service which has seen many of our clients trust us to transport and protect high value goods to and from site. Please contact the office on 01482 300833 for more details about our courier service 

Access Control and Security Fencing

We are able to provide your site with equipment to prevent intrusion, damage and theft; this includes fobs and fob systems, intercoms, security fencing, electronic door and gate locks and more. Our 24 hour control centre has a remote access service where gate access can be controlled through our monitoring and CCTV systems.

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