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Dedicated Shield Security staff notch up 10 years of service to the business

1st December 2016

More dedicated Shield Security staff have clocked up a decade of service for the firm - from senior members of the management team to admin staff and security officers.

Operations diretor Graham Ogden, Rebecca Ducker from the accounts department, and security officers Ray Grimes, Zafarullah Khan and Martin Brown have been the latest employess to pass 10 years of service.

All have been thanked for their dedication to Shield Security, and managing director Dave Frank says it is important to have consistency across the company.

"When we look at the list of long-serving employees at Shield it is great to see that it runs through all departments," he said.

"It means that not only do we have people on the management team who know the Shield ethos and approach, but we also have plenty of employees on the frontline delivering our services who are committed to ensuring our high standards of customer service are maintained.

"We very much value having long-serving members of the team. It tells us that they are happy and that as a business we are getting something very important right."

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