The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in ways nobody expected. It has changed the way we work and the way we live, and these changes look set to stay for the foreseeable future. One thing that hasn’t changed is the hard work, professionalism, and excellence demonstrated by the security officers at Shield Security.

Our customers have people and places they need to protect. COVID-19 has made this infinitely more difficult. It has caused access issues, hampered team working, and put additional pressure on individuals to follow guidance safely. We have put measures in place to help where we can, from issuing effective PPE to all officers, to securing jobs through sharing hours.

We knew our officers would step up to these challenges, and continue to make us proud of the work they do. We didn’t expect them to go so far beyond the call of duty that our customers are compelled to sing their praises. Some of these stories are below, showing you what our people do for customers and each other.

Recognised Resilience

First, several of our officers have received recognition awards from one of our healthcare customers in Hull. They protect a site that sees walk-in patients regularly. Naturally, it has been under increased pressure the last few months. Our officers helped ensure the site is safe, and that patients are treated calmly, patiently, and professionally. A representative from the customer said:

“I would just like to say that [Shield officers] do an amazing job, and without their support I would be truly lost. They really are my eyes and ears, and I very much value their knowledge and cooperation as work colleagues.

“During these unprecedented times we are all trying our best to cope with these challenging times often being pulled from all directions. This requires a lot of tolerance and self-control. The resilience of your staff at [our site] is exemplary.”

Refreshingly Responsive

Meanwhile, at another healthcare site, this time in Leeds, our officers were performing similarly well in trying circumstances. One of our people, Sulaimaan Amin, was recognised by site representatives. They said:

“I want to forward one of our certificates for him as the tenants have especially recognised him as being proactive and ‘refreshingly responsive’ throughout this crisis in a meeting today. Apparently, he’s just got stuck in. They were keen to point out that this is not at the detriment of the evening guard, as they are more than happy with his efforts too.

“Just to add from my point of view, tenants at this site have historically had complaints about security and have not ever in the 3 years I’ve known them given positive feedback for any of our contracts without being prompted, so this unprompted feedback is even more impressive in my opinion.”

Getting Food to People in Need

Next, we go to a community healthcare centre in Bradford. Again, the site has had to deal with increased pressures due to COVID-19, with fewer staff to help. One of our officers was eager to step-in, and did more than just protect the site. One of the tenants said:

“Andy, your security guard at [the centre], is just fantastic, he is innovative as he had an idea of putting pictures of rainbows up on the windows at [the centre]. Also, he has raised £150 for food parcels for the vulnerable in Bradford. For an NHS worker this type of support is lovely to see! He deserves a clap this Thursday!”

Finally, throughout the pandemic our staff in Hull have been collecting food donations and dropping packages at a main hub. This food has then been distributed to those most in need, providing vital support to the communities we serve. We hope to continue providing this support throughout the crisis.

Thank You

To all our officers: thank you! We know you will continue to make us proud. All your efforts have been recognised with a token of our appreciation that will have made its way to each of you personally.

And to you, the reader: if you have a security need, we hope these stories have inspired you to pick up the phone and give us a call. You have your own story to tell, and we would love to be part of it.

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