Shield Security has provided 24-hour manned guarding services for The Sewell Group on key development sites including new health centres as part of the LIFT programme, and schools under the Building Schools for the Future project across East Yorkshire.

What they say about us:

Derek Nickolds said: “As the provider of manned guarding services, Shield Security has played an integral role in a number of large development projects undertaken by our company in recent years.

“Like any developer, once a project reaches a certain stage, we have a large amount of valuable equipment on site, and need the peace of mind that all equipment, both ours and that of our contractors, is safe at all times on site.

“It is for that reason we have used Shield Security’s 24-hour manned guarding service. We have always been happy with their service, but on our latest project, the Aspire Academy in Preston Road, Hull, the security guard has gone above and beyond.

“It is no exaggeration to say that Kevin O’Connell has effectively become another member of our team due to his dedication.

“He arrives on shift early – sometimes almost an hour early just after 5am, ensuring the site is clean and all is in order as it should be. When I arrive on site has often already carried out a number of jobs, and even tidied up the site and cleared any litter.

“He’s always willing to provide and extra pair of hands, and most importantly, he is a superb security officer, giving us peace of mind that the only people on site are those who should be there for work purposes.

“We have established a strong relationship with Shield, in particular operations manager James Glenville. We know that if there are any areas of concern, they will take on board our comments and act upon it.”

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