SHIELD security is helping protect businesses around the clock, thanks to a new CCTV system which gives business owners full security control at their premises, direct from their smartphones and tablets.

Managing director Dave Frank says the technology provides peace of mind for business owners, allowing them to instantly view their premises live, or review footage from all cameras, dating back a month.

“As with many industries, the rapid development in technology, particularly in smartphones and tablets, has brought many opportunities for businesses to develop their products and services, and we have seen this as a big step forward in the security services we can provide,” he said.

“Almost everybody has a smartphone or tablet these days, and to be able to see live camera footage streamed to your mobile phone is something people find really useful and powerful.

“To then be able to control the cameras, zoom in and out, switch cameras to scan the entire premises and even control security gates gives businesses a real feeling of comfort.

“They can do it from their holiday sun bed if they want, and it is also saving many managers time as they no longer have to carry out a site visit to be kept up to date.”

The new technology allows customers to view live images and have full control of their site – even down to controlling the movement of individual cameras and the opening and closing of security gates on site.

While seeing success with their “smart” systems, Shield has also won a growing number of contracts for its “rapid deploy” cameras, designed and manufactured in-house.

Mr Frank said: “Building sites, especially those in remote locations, are often vulnerable, as expensive equipment is left on site, and there is often no electricity and therefore no cameras.

“We recognised this to be a problem, and our systems offer clients peace of mind.

“Also, as sites develop and more blindspots are created as buildings go up, the cameras can be moved within minutes to ensure the key areas are covered, and this is something contractors are finding particularly useful.”

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